WIll Clubhouse Kill Podcasting?

Feb 22, 2021

Clubhouse is a platform for early adopters and innovators. The platform is a mix between podcast,  industry conference and conference calls. The new audio social media network gives users the opportunity to speak to people directly through audio recordings, adding a human element to what is lacking from most social media platforms out there.

Clubhouse vs Podcast

Everything on Clubhouse is audio, there are no private messages, no threads of written opinion exchanges when someone is talking, no emojis, no feed – there is simply no content except for live audio. This makes it special, and because everything is live there is a scarcity to the content that is unlike any other platform out there. 

The beauty with Podcasts is you can listen back in your own time and typically the conversation is between two people (the interviewer and their guest). The content unfolds in a consistent order and is less conversational than Clubhouse. 

Did Video Kill The Radio Star?

We’ve been here before, did video actually kill the radio star? No. People still prefer to listen to music via their favourite streaming site, radio station or personal library. Did Facebook replace real life socialising? No. Did Twitter kill journalism as it was first predicted? No. And of course, the convenience to be able to listen to your favourite Podcasts in your own time, rather than having to be present for a ‘live talk’ will always be a massive bonus. There is certainly room for both, and each holds its own purpose and audience that prefer to connect with their chosen content.

Clubhouse vs Podcasting

Passive vs Active Media

Podcasting is more passive;  you listen and absorb at a time that suits you rather than getting involved in a live conversation. You will likely have a list of Podcasters that you are subscribed to and may follow other similar Podcasts. A Podcast can be paused, stopped and returned to as you please, and you even have the opportunity to share it with others.

Clubhouse is more interactive, it’s about having conversations ….unless you are a lurker and prefer to quietly listen in, like many people do across the various social media channels they use. The best way to use this app, though, is to be active in rooms, become a speaker, set up a club and ask questions. It requires a more active and present approach to use the app. Like you would in a social situation, you cannot just sit and expect to make connections – in Clubhouse it happens by speaking up and being heard!


Podcasts have the ability to be shared across different platforms. They are distributed to maximise their reach. In the Clubhouse app, unless you are set up for recording your room, the content is gone once the talk finishes.

Will clubhouse kill podcasting

Meeting like-minded people 

Unless you follow their dedicated social media profiles and connect with other followers, Podcasts are mostly enjoyed on your own. This means that no networking takes place on whichever platform you are streaming your favourite series, unless you head on over to their pages or channels afterwards. Clubhouse gives you the opportunity to join clubs, which are often run by key individuals. If you are accepted to join a club, you automatically have access to a group of like-minded people and can choose to connect with them based on your interests. 

Will clubhouse kill podcasting

Podcasters using Clubhouse

With the platform being so new, many Podcasters are still working out how to best use Clubhouse as another tool to further their reach. Here’s our advice on how Podcasters can use Clubhouse:

Authentic Content 

Some podcasters are recording their Clubhouse conversations to share elsewhere later. The benefit? Unlike overproduced Podcasts, Clubhouse talks are more free-flowing and natural, like a real life conversation would be. You can use some of your Clubhouse rooms to record content that is more authentic and ‘raw’. 

Will clubhouse kill podcasting


Yes, this platform is full of lurkers, but the benefit of the two-way communication Clubhouse champions means that as a speaker, you get the opportunity to listen to what your followers have to say. See what people are talking about, find out people’s opinions on topics and more. It’s a great tool for getting instant feedback. 


Want more people to listen and subscribe to your Podcast? Then use Clubhouse to create real connections. People will feel more connected to you if they get to ask you questions directly in your room, or join your club. It will result in more people subscribing to your podcast and tuning in!


We do not believe Clubhouse is going to kill Podcasting. Both have strong, individual benefits, and can enhance the relationship with your followers – so both are worth exploring. Audio social networking is on the rise, with Twitter launching its own platform called Twitter Spaces. It’s something that is here to stay, so embrace the innovation and stay tuned to see what else may be coming up!