Why Data Driven Marketing Is A Key To Success

Apr 2, 2019

The digital revolution has completely changed the way of marketing in a modern world. For more than a century the process of building a brand was based on the mass reach of the marketing messages that were communicated to the general audience with poor or generalist targeting. Today, the Internet has opened the door to new channels and different ways of reaching an audience, facilitating segmentation, strategic targeting and campaign analytics based on customer data all gathered through customer interactions and engagement online. This approach is critical for quantifying and optimising marketing campaigns based upon consumer insights, audience analysis and predictive intelligence.

Data-Driven Approach

A data-driven approach is key to supercharging your success in current day marketing. Interpreting and evaluating audience data combined with refined targeting are all an essential part of gaining a competitive advantage in today’s saturated marketplace. Yet, a systematic data-based approach is still new to many businesses. Using data collected from your audience can greatly improve sales, help raise brand awareness, deliver quality leads and attract new customers. By analysing audience insights, businesses can better understand and predict online behaviours, identify the most profitable customers to engage, and effectively allocate an advertising budget, personalising communication for different audience segments fluently.

Examples Of Data-Driven Marketing

Dynamic Advertising

Dynamic Adverts are banner ads that optimise automatically to display the most relevant message, based on customers browsing history and their geo-location, utilising user-based data and cookies. Promotion setting requires uploading a content feed and using an ad delivery system to serve personalised adverts in real-time in order to display the most relevant message to the right consumer at the right time.


Retargeting campaigns are based on data collected from your audience site visits to re-engage with them again. It allows relevant ads based on the consumer behaviour online using cookies. The messages can be displayed via banners and social media adverts. As only 3% of traffic converts on the first visit, this is the way for brands to reintroduce products and services to those 97% of customers who don’t convert right away. Those campaigns are more effective than other types of advertising, as you are targeting consumers that have already expressed interest in your products. Retargeting is most effective when you segment your audience (for example, those who were looking for a dress vs shoes) and tailor the specific adverts based upon their behaviour.

Data-driven approach is undoubtedly the future of marketing in the digital world. Understanding and predicting the consumer behaviour online is becoming an essential part of purposeful and successful marketing. As a digital marketing agency we are here to support your brand’s online growth. Contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation today, email contact@everydayagency.co.uk.