Graphic design made easy

Jan 11, 2017

Want to design like a graphic designer? But you don’t have the budget or the manpower? Well it isn’t all doom and gloom if you don’t necessarily know how to. We have put together three of our best sites that will help create designs without the need to confuse yourself with Photoshop or Illustrator.


This site is great for helping produce simple low resolution designs for online purposes such as blog posts and social media promotion. The drop and drag functionality means you can easily and quickly build designs. You can upload your own backgrounds and images to make sure you keep your design in line with your current brand guidelines.

Be Funky

This is a really handy website for editing images, creating collages and creating digital graphics. The easy-to-use navigation means it’s fool proof. You can choose from a range of their existing templates to get you started.

Graphic Springs

Need to create a logo fast? Well Graphic Springs gives you a choice of existing designs you can adapt as you see fit, if you like it they have options to buy the design from $19.99 and you can keep it. Even if you don’t like the design it’s a great way to get inspiration.

So there we have it three great design sites that will help you become a graphic designer in minutes!