Ultimate Social Media Check List

May 21, 2021

They say that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Forging ahead with no real plan can land you- well, anywhere! So if you want to hit certain social media targets and grow your brand and business, it’s important you have everything covered. We’ve put together this checkpoints to make sure you’re going in the right direction to grow your social media channels. 

Share a story a day

Brand presence is a biggie. You need to show up everyday for your followers, so you’re on their mind and in their face. It can be in the form of a meme, sharing your product or service or just saying hi and delivering a positive message – either way just do it! 

Reply to comments daily

Don’t leave your followers hanging, by replying to their comments you are creating valuable moments where you get to interact with them, make them feel heard and appreciated. 

Reply back to DMs

Always reply back to messages! First of all, it’s the professional and courteous thing to do and secondly, it’s good for business. Answer any questions they may have and make sure you are using your ‘brand voice’. 

Engage daily with brands you want to work with

If there’s a brand you want to collaborate with then you need to get on their radar. And what better way than by dropping them a comment, hitting reply on their story or getting in touch via a DM. Make a list of 50 brands that are on your wish list for working alongside and contact one every single day! 

Ask questions in your comments 

When you reply back to comments don’t just use emojis and say thanks, try to strike up a conversation. Ask questions and see if you can maintain a meaningful conversation. 

Show your face in stories once a day

Let your followers put a face to the name. This makes their experience so much more personal and by getting to know you, they are also way more likely to trust you and your brand. You will come across as personable, real and genuine – result! 

Stop saving posts you are not going to do anything with

You should be using only 20% content of your actual product and a whopping 80% of unrelated content. But make sure it’s the right kind! Clear the landfill of saved ‘maybe’ posts. All they will do is clog up your feed and make it harder for you to find posts you actually want to use. Get clearer on the content you want to deliver and whether it is in line with your brand and mission statement as well as what your audience wants to see. 

Spend 10 minutes engaging on stories 

Engage on your communities stories, give them support through likes and comments, to show you are active and engaged with your audience. Ensuring you have a strong online presence means you will get noticed!

Add interactive stories

Spice up your content and add a ‘ask me anything’ sticker or create an online poll. You want your audience to be engaging with you as much as possible. Try to keep things as interesting as possible to keep them coming back to your stories for more. 

Support other brands

Whether it’s your friends, your peers or like-minded people you follow online; don’t forget to support where you can and show some love! 

So there you have it – a daily checklist to ensure you’re not missing anything when it comes to staying on top of your social media accounts. Yes it can seem like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s the little things that can add up to the big things. By taking care of the details on the daily, your brand presence will go a long way.