Top 5 Tools For Finding Social Media Influencers

Aug 13, 2018

In today’s social media driven world it’s often hard to find the best platforms to champion and ignite your own profile. Below we suggest some of the best current options on offer, extending links so you can actively find the best tools to fit your project.


BuzzStream is one of the most popular tools for researching influencers. It offers a discovery page within their search engine. To start your search, simply type in the topic or focus keywords from your blog post. BuzzStream will return with a list of influencers relevant to your search. The platform also allows for you to look at the complete profile of a Social Influencer with an image of their full social media presence including average reach and additional stats. You can create and manage your own influencers list, communicate with them and measure the effectiveness of your outreach.

Here’s the link:

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is another full-service influencer research tool available on the current market. Many of its functions are similar to BuzzStream yet have their own characteristic added. Ninja Outreach has a search database of over 25 million websites, these can be filtered by: Influencers, Bloggers, Companies and Individual articles. Unlike BuzzStream, which is focused on websites, NinjaOutreach lets you research Instagram and Twitter. You can create your own direct influencer list and contact the prospects with personalised messages using an automated email sequence.

Here’s the link:


Klear is a great tool we really like for finding influencers that are already engaging with your brand and within your immediate network across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and digital blogs. This tool allows you to filter influencers into a category such as Celebrities, Power Users, Casual and Novice. Klear uses defined demographic features, allowing you to see which type of people are following the highlighted influencer you are considering, and to ensure you target the correct audience.

Here’s the link:


Kred is an entry-level tool designed to search influencers on Twitter. The tool measures influence by evaluating retweets, mentions, replies and follows on the platform. Kred also allows you to check your own outreach score, based on how often your reply, retweet and mention other users and brands. All metrics combined reveal how influential and active a profile is within certain communities. A useful tool to target and remain active in all the right areas.

Here’s the link:


Awario is known as a social media and web monitoring tool. However, this actually also includes features that help in researching influencers. It allows you to filter people who mention your brand or related connections sorted by reach. This help to find the most influential individuals who are posting about your brand and monitor their profiles. Awario also offers you the option to monitor specific keywords and to generate influencer reports. This transfers the monitoring of influencers across individual social media platforms also.

Here’s the link:

The list of tools is forever growing and always exciting to see those that engage with a global audience the best. We suggest you use a mix and find which platform sits with your own direct requirements. Do some research and navigate your network like a pro. The Everyday Agency deliver a mix of social media support, services and strategy. If you require anything from analytics to a succinct promotional push then please contact our team to schedule your next campaign.