Spotify Launches NFT Gallery Service

Jun 6, 2022

NFT fans, turn the volume up. Streaming giant Spotify is testing its NFT service to allow artists to display their collections within the platform. This new feature is available to a small segment of Spotify’s Android users in the United States, who will be able to preview NFTs on the artists’ profiles such as Steve Aoki and The Wombats.

So, how exactly does Spotify’s NFT Service work?

A selected group has access to a beta version when browsing one of the included artist pages. The NFT galleries can be found together with a brief description below the header and the song list. A ”See More” option appears, which then directs you to a collection of NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace, where you can scroll through and purchase the token.

Spotify will provide a static version of the NFT.  A GIF, video or audio can only be played from the NFT site on OpenSea. No commission will be charged by Spotify for any NFT sales made through the app.

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Why NFT on Spotify?

Most of you might be wondering why a music streaming platform would add NFT to its service. It’s very simple.  By introducing NTFs, Spotify is supporting small and upcoming artists by giving  visibility to their collections where their earnings could receive a significant boost since NFTs are such a hot product in 2022.

“Spotify is running a test in which it will help a small group of artists promote their existing third-party NFT offerings via their artist profiles,” a Spotify spokesperson said. 

“We routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve artist and fan experiences. Some of those tests end up paving the way for a broader experience and others serve only as an important learning.” a Spotify spokesperson added.

During this testing, it hasn’t been revealed if the feature is available to other artists. Hopefully, with time, it will. But what is clear today is that  this feature will make a great difference from its direct rivals and will become a tremendous support in putting upcoming artists in the spotlight.

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Experience Enhancement  

This is part of an ongoing effort by Spotify to enhance the experiences of artists recently. Last October, Spotify announced a partnership with Shopify to help customers connect their listeners and enhance e-commerce touchpoints so that merchandise purchases can be made directly through the Spotify app. 

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