Sponsorship and Brand Partnerships are a great way to extend your brand and marketing reach. We connect brands that want great reach across different industries and to engage more consumers.

Sponsorship for us is simply about connecting brands through creative ideas that are driven by insight. We prepare sponsorship packages based upon your target audience and your desired marketing reach. We display them in a creative way to engage readers and to build rapport between brands and their audiences. Our customised sponsorship campaigns drive a strong identification with brands which in turn creates unique and well aligned sponsorship opportunities.

We look carefully at the brands we represent and strategically align them with companies that share the same company values and culture. Take a look at our blog post about Sponsorship to get some tips and advice on what you should consider.

Brand Partnerships
The Everyday Agency looks for ways your business can align with other brands to create mutual benefit between them. Finding the right brand partnerships can create huge benefits and be a cost effective way to excel brand awareness and marketing reach.

Influencer Marketing
We look at aligning your brand with key influencers within your market. This can be individuals who have insight into the field you work, individuals with large social traction or ambassadors that can bring your brand to life through influencers. All these methods can assist your brand in bringing it to life through the use of adding a persona and face to your brand.

Fast becoming an identified vehicle for independent business support and success. Crowdfunding is a practice of funding projects and ventures by raising small amounts of money from a large pool of people through a crowdfunding site such as Kickstarter or Crowdfunder.  This is a widely recognised form of alternate funding, these platforms allow you to launch new ideas to market whilst gaining support and financial income for your project.


International clients and projects include:

Private events, dinners & VIP experiences : Ibiza
Music events & club nights : Ibiza | UK | Europe
International festivals : Ibiza (music & food) | Bali (conscious) | UK (music, food, lifestyle) | Croatia (music)
Radio, Television (shows & features) : Ibiza | UK
Talent competitions : 28 Countries including USA | Japan | UK | Australia
Record label tours : Worldwide
Independent electronic artists : UK | USA | Australia | Europe