Social Media For Businesses That Think Like David, Not Goliath

At The Everyday Agency we love Social Media and understand the unique power it has to elevate your brand across all the digital platforms. Social Media is at the very heart of our Digital Marketing Strategy and we pride ourselves on creating solid results for every client that is both targeted and monitored to ensure maximum results.

Our team don’t just create content, graphics and copywriting for Social Media posts; we create bespoke campaigns related to your specific business and marketing objectives. Whether it’s creating more brand awareness, launching a new product or service, or simply generating more prospective clients through social media channels, we know how to do it and what is effective.

All our Social Media campaigns are recorded, monitored and reported to our clients. The analytics behind our campaigns and digital marketing development is what makes us tick, we measure the effectiveness of each activity and it’s return on investment for all the content we provide.

Our digital marketing strategies help you to grow and acquire new clients whilst retaining your existing ones through providing engaging content that sparks an emotional response with your target audience. We work with a number of influencers and brands to collaborate and amplify your marketing reach and propel your digital footprint through digital marketing. Our integrated social media strategies allow you to reach an optimum number of people across different channels based upon your customer preferences and profile.

The Everyday Agency can actively manage and curate your social adverts and create click funnels that will drive your digital marketing and make your pages work harder for you as a sales tool.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Considerations:

Objectives – What are you trying to achieve?
Time of day – When you are posting and what day
Content – What types of content you are posting e.g. images, links, video, infographics
Frequency – How frequent will you post
Results – How are you going to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing results?
Improvement – How are you going to improve your results?