Amplifying your brand and making it heard

The Everyday Agency provides a range of PR services that have a global reach and help brands reach influencers, consumers and businesses through associated press channels and multi-media.

Our PR specialists are based in Ibiza and the UK and are not limited to generating and sending out press releases or speaking with journalists. We generate complete PR strategies that transform your product or services into relevant news and engaging press stories. Our outlook includes a TEAM approach (Together Everyone Achieves More) and we work to build a PR cycle incorporating traditional press through to Vloggers and radio.

Our Press Strategy includes creating a distinct PR communication plan which engages all Press (trade, local, national and international) newspapers, magazines, bloggers and consumer influencers.

Getting your PR strategy right involves covering a good mix of digital PR and printed press. We hold good relationships with our press network and we have been successful in placing news across a variety of industries and associated press beacons. We do this by pitching the right ideas and concepts to major editors, freelance journalists and writers and significant figureheads.

Our Services Include:

Press and Media  – Creating complete PR strategies and plans to help execute your marketing and business objectives

Crisis Communication

  • Crisis Prevention : Including crisis prevention to prepare a company to react to high risk situations.
  • Crisis Management : The Everyday Agency PR team works 24 hours a day to ensure we can react quickly and effectively to tackle any risk situations into an opportunity.

Internal Communication – Our team can help to delivery internal brand messages and news to your employees in the right way to nurture your brand culture.

CSR – Our team work with many businesses to help them achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals and help communicate this through press.

Digital News and Bloggers – Now Bloggers and online news portals are a key source for consumers, they have become influential communicators online and our strategy includes creating a communication plan around this.