The agency has been involved with a number of Yoga retreats and the set up of Yoga classes for both high end clients and locals on the island. With a range of yoga teachers who offer that little bit extra – we can tailor your class for whatever you need including:
– Classic Yoga styles: including styles such as Hatha, Vinyasan, Ashtanga and so on.
– VOGA – A spin on the everyday yoga, bringing a DJ playing 80’s classes so you can VOGUE whilst benefiting from Yoga
– Moonlight Yoga – working with the moons natural beauty and strength we provide classes to calm and revitalize
– Sunrise Yoga – start your day with sunrise yoga overlooking the sun’s beauty, perfect for yachts and classes on the beach.
– Yoga Rave – Playing music that resonates with your chakras we have specialist teachers who take you through the yoga as a dance routine to get the cardiac activity moving and the energy flowing