Launched in 2012, Meke Coffee Roasters instantly became an institution in Ibiza, both celebrated and frequented by a loyal, ever-growing global following. This clearly shows that great coffee is always great motivator, igniting passions of ardent coffee lovers and teasing the palettes of food purveyors forever searching a discerning taste and bean beyond the standard mass market of products.

The business of coffee for Meke means providing an experience in every cup. As a bespoke artisan roaster their service is both personalised entwined with love of the culture. Presenting an ethical and sustainable model Meke is the resounding voice of quality in a territory that isn’t typically associated with high standards or accessibility. Born and bred in Ibiza, the island and new cafe is seen as a universal melting pot of character, creativity and culture. Here Meke offers the perfect showcase for their reputable independent collection, enthusing a mix of customers from across the world travelling to enjoy their flavour filled range.

The Everyday Agency provided a brand workshop, brand identity, social media management, B2B outreach and e-campaign, helping Meke solidify their proposition and extend market share in new territories.