The Detroit electronic music group Inner City, is one of the most influential dance acts of all time, presently commemorating 30 Years at the forefront of the industry!

Formed in 1987 by record producer, composer and international DJ Kevin Saunderson (who with fellow Detroiters Juan Atkins and Derrick May, are renowned as the “The Belleville Three” and the originators of Techno). Alongside vocalist Paris Grey, Inner City are best known for their early crossover hits “Big Fun” and “Good Life”. Further success saw the group topping the US Billboard dance chart five times and securing nine Top 40 hits on the UK singles chart.

The 30th anniversary marked a new chapter for Inner City, poised to showcase the past, present and future of the electronic scene. The Everyday Agency continue to provide a full social media management, content generation, advertising campaigns, graphic design and marketing support, as Inner City celebrate another successful year for the act, label and performers.