Key Social Media Updates That Impact Your Brand

Jan 25, 2019

The world of social media is an everchanging landscape, impacting the ways we deliver online marketing and positive planning for digital strategies. If you are in charge of your brand’s online presence then you know how important it is to remain on top of every single update to maximise the potential of each platform. Each substantial change to Facebook has a trickle-down effect on Instagram, making it more important to be conscious of the new features as they appear. To simplify things, we’ve prepared a list of recent changes made to Facebook that will help you stay on top of your online profile for the year ahead.

1. Shopping in Instagram Stories

One of the longest standing but most effective updates introduced last year, this feature will continue to evolve and impact as the function further improves. You can actively create more engaging content by adding product stickers to your Insta Stories. This ensures users who view your stories are only a click away from your online shop and making a potential purchase. The way forward in consumer connection and watch how this integrates in the future.

2. Augmented Reality Ads

Take your Facebook advertising to the next level with interactive augmented reality ads. You can create using your mobile camera on Facebook to virtually try on or trial products like make-up samples and sunglasses with the potential to enable clothes fitting in the future. It’s already one step closer to replicate a bricks-and-mortar experience but online, taking the full digital shopping experience to your own personal space, perfect for both retailers and consumers.

3. Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are becoming more and more popular amongst brands taking the opportunity to engage and promote their products in a new engaging way. Just like Instagram Stories you can get your full-screen creative posts out to reach a broader audience.

4. Playable Ads

Facebook has recently launched Playable Ads specifically for gaming apps, allowing users to trial the demo before buying. This feature will lead to higher conversions by providing an opportunity to experience the app and highlighting positive features before installing.

5. Updates for Pages

Facebook has recently changed Page Reviews to Recommendations, adding further transparency to customer experience and opportunity to publicly feedback. The platform has also redesigned the way pages are displayed on mobiles, making it much easier to navigate and encourage more activity.

6. Facebook Analytics update

Facebook has recently improved their video metrics to help page managers better understand the engagement and optimise their content. There’s also another new option in Facebook Ads helping to understand how the campaign has impacted and the ongoing perception of your brand.

7. Creative Tools

The platform has implemented a new Video Creation Kit feature to help turn photos into a video using one of the ready-made templates with customisable captions. Facebook has also launched a Creator Studio allowing to schedule, monetise and analyze the video content in one central location.

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