Instagram Audit in 6 Steps

Sep 6, 2018

If you run a business Instagram account it is important you carry regular audits to ensure that you are working it as effectively as possible. An Instagram audit allows you to check if you’re meeting your marketing goals. It gives you the opportunity improve your online strategy. Here are the steps you should follow each time you carry an Instagram audit.

1. Set Your Goal

Running a business Instagram account is just like any other business activity. If you don’t know the purpose then you might be wasting your time on it. Hopefully, you have already set the business goals. Now, it’s time to set the goal for your Instagram account as a part of your marketing efforts. Make sure your Instagram activity is congruent with your marketing goals. If you are relatively new to the platform, you goal might be to increase the number of followers or to improve engagement. Make sure your goals are stated in percentage or numbers and have specific timeframe. This way is it easy to evaluate them.

2. Check Your Imagery, Branding and Tone

Remember that your business Instagram conveys a particular image to your followers. This image is critical to your business as simply it’s the way you want people to perceive your brand. Take an overall look at your account, including profile picture, bio, color scheme, language used, types of images posted, captions, hashtags, comments and type of interaction with your followers. You should aim at your profile being consistent with your brand and look like the rest of your marketing channels.

3. Examine Your Bio

Your bio is one of the most important pieces of your Instagram account. Using 150 characters show visitors who are you, what does your brand offer and why they should care. Use some emojis if you feel they fit your brand. Don’t forget to include a link to your website. Upload your business logo as your profile picture, ideally 180×180 px.

4. Consistency

Posting without a purpose on the Instagram isn’t a good idea. Most of the successful brands make their posts relate back to their current marketing goals. Make sure your posts tell a consistent story and convey a clear message for your audience. Have a look at your recent posts. Are they consistent and aligned with your branding? Do they tell your brand’s story? Also, remember to share a variety of content. Don’t post about your products every time. Check your captions. Make sure they match the tone and the overall goal. Share only high-quality images, bigger than 512×512. In particular, have a closer look at the posts that underperform. Do you notice anything wrong with them? Doest this type of post not resonate with your audience?

5. #hashtag use

Hashtags play an important part of building your followers. You can add up to 30 hashtags per post, but ideally aim for 15-20. It is important to use hashtags related to the image or video you are sharing. Make sure you don’t use the same hashtags for different posts. Ideally, create a hashtag for your brand and encourage audience to use it.

6. Interactions with the Followers

Finally, look at your engagement with your followers. Take a look at your recent posts and check if you have been responding to comments and having a genuine conversation with your audience. Are you liking and sharing posts they publish? Check your Instagram inbox and see if you responded to all the messages. Have a look at the accounts you follow.

Once you carried the steps of the Instagram audit, make note of anything you can improve in your Instagram profile.

Why don’t you schedule an Instagram audit with TEA to ensure you’re meeting your business goals?