How Inbound Marketing Can Help You Gain High Quality Leads

Oct 9, 2018

You may be wondering how Inbound Marketing can help you generate high quality leads. Let’s look at the example below to deeper understand the core components that make this a valuable tool.

Imagine the following scenario: Your company is looking to get some banners printed and the manager asks you to get a quote for 10 copies. What would you do? Most likely you would start by looking online. You would promptly run a search for ‘banner printing’ or a similar key phrase, before checking the first 5-7 websites to find the highest recommended options. The best designed website with clear and readily available information is the one you will likely prefer, and therefore request a quote to lodge your enquiry.

This simple example of the standard decision making process shows how a prospect with a genuine need for a product (or service) lands on a page or provider, leading to enquiry. This lead is going to be far easier to convert than one generated from cold-calling or an alternate route to engage potential customers.

What does this have to do with inbound marketing? A strong inbound strategy will ensure the potential clients can easily find you when searching for a specific product or service, then the navigation, clarity and positioning of your website and its content, the more likely they are going to make the connection and buy. There are obviously various techniques to attract more prospects to your website initially and accordingly generate higher quality leads. The transaction and direction are all part of the same (ideal) vehicle.


‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is the term for optimising your website to assist it’s discovery and imprint higher up online search engine activity. Your SEO strategy is critical to your business as the essential tool to get you noticed. A majority of users don’t look any further beyond the first page of their search results. Make sure you are using the correct keywords and focus your efforts on your content marketing capacity.


Similarly to SEO, ‘Pay-Per-Click’ is about getting you to the top of consumer searches as priority. Start by setting up Google Ads if you haven’t done so already, this will dramatically help you improve your website reach and maximise the number of website visitors you receive. Think about launching a Remarketing Campaign (targeted to those who have already visited your page previously) and improve your conversion rates by providing a unique experience directing consumers to the information that matters most.

Social Media

Social Media platforms are always a great way to communicate directly with your current customers and also reach new networks and audience. The online tools are ideal for strengthening your brand’s presence and also advance your SEO results. Utilise various platforms to grow your global imprint, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube with an aim to interact and engage with your creative content.


Content is always a critical part of your marketing strategy. This includes online blogs, video hosting, white papers and social media posts. The more quality content you provide, the easier it is for prospects to find you online and take interest in your brand, in preference to your competitors. Remember to maintain your accounts pro-actively, being accessible and fluent for others to contact you and connect your services.

Buyer Personas

Using various channels for communications is great, but if you don’t have a buying persona in mind, at every single stage of your strategy you are not actually capitalising on every opportunity at your disposal to generate high quality leads. Make sure your inbound marketing is specifically built to map your buyer persona’s and tailor your messaging to attract more business accordingly.

Lead Nurturing

One more thing to remember, once you’ve generated your important leads you should actively nurture them. Fully automate your processes with platforms such as HubSpot to communicate with your leads and send appropriate emails to assist, engage and follow-up at key times within the relationship. This way, you always ensure you are staying on top of your sales activity and using funnels to do your work, whilst also providing great customer value.

With an ever changing marketing landscape, now may be the time to revisit and revamp your brand strategy, engaging and maximising the quality of your leads. If you require professional advice and support we are always on hand to help. Drop our expert team an email and we’ll be more than happy to offer you some expert insider knowledge to really ignite your brand!