How does Keinemusik build community?

Jun 24, 2021

Keinemusik is known as being an innovative, quality, record label born from Berlin. For us and for many others it’s more than a label; it’s a network, a community and a feeling. What they excel at is creating a community of fans that not only resonate with their music; but also with what they stand for. 

Some key achievements so far

  • In 2009 Adam Port co-founded Keinemusik with Rampa and released his first solo production ‘F.I.R.’ which was a huge club hit. 
  • In 2019 Keinemusik partnered with Nike to show off their flair for fashion and to create Pegasus ’89 “Berlin. The Air Max sneakers were a tribute to Berlin’s club culture.

  • 13 years into countless gigs, worldwide tours and a string of well-received releases – it’s clear they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Using Branding As A Music Label or Artist

What’s interesting is the naming convention, ‘Keine Musik’ which means ‘no music’ in German — a curious name for a collective of Berliners working on music-related things. How did the name come about? Rampa explains, ‘When I was little and played music at home, mother always said ‘’ahh… that’s not music’’ compared to what she understood as music’.

Using Merchandise to develop a Music Brand 

Since they got Monja into the Keinemusik family, the art of their records have gone from strength to strength. This has led to them pushing merchandise as a key revenue stream and a way to reach more people through their brand.  Their dreamy and psychedelic sound also translates into their style. Their fans affiliate with their sense of music and style. 

Having an authentic music brand helps create partnerships

Partnering with Nike for Pegasus ‘89’ and Converse has given them some serious fashion street cred. But they haven’t just limited themselves to footwear. Keinemusik have even made it into the gaming community- featuring as supporting characters in Grand Theft Auto Online as a part of The Cayo Perico Heist update. They are Incredibly selective about who they work with musically, carefully collaborating with people through their radio or releases such as Sven Vath’s Cocoon, DC10 and Black Coffee, showing they are always about the underground. 

Their partnership with Grand Theft Auto fits within their own passion of being gamers and really is a perfect fit and brand alliance.

Creating the right brand culture in music 

Keinemusik have created a tight knit group with &ME, Rampa, Monja (designer),Reznik, Adam Port and continue to bring in up and coming artists who fit their sounds into their network. They continue to build relationships with those that share the same ethos and passion for their style of music. This culture can be seen from beginning to end of their marketing, activity and branding.

Placing music where their fans are 

The group has made the most of key positioning within streaming platforms like Spotify by securing Track IDs. They continue to use this platform to enhance their reach and visibility, you can see they are always featuring within high performing Spotify playlists.

Keinemusik has always explored different avenues from fashion to gaming and also radio. Their radio show has proved to push musical boundaries and has positioned them as innovators in a market which can be rather black and white. They have proved they are the masters of reinvention and are constantly looking at ways to evolve and change. 


Staying true to your brand and being authentic helps build your community. Keinemusik as a brand show exactly how to keep those relationships flourishing between both their fans and other brands. They remain cool, credible and underground by only saying ‘Yes’ to the right partnerships that reinforce their brand message. They are not afraid to say ‘No’ to what doesn’t fit, choosing quality over quantity.