The true meaning of Everyday Marketing

Jan 4, 2018

Everyday marketing’ certainly doesn’t mean ‘ordinary’, ‘standard or ‘mundane’. It signifies creative and consistent marketing activity that echoes across all of your communication channels and keeps your business at the forefront.

The Everyday Agency holds this consistent creativity at its heart. Everyday marketing promotes regular communication with customers and prospects; the kind that delivers lead generation, brand awareness and long term growth.

Here’s 5 tips to successfully achieve great everyday marketing:

You should be consistent with how, when, why and who you are contacting. If you sporadically create communication then you can expect to have a weak relationship with your clients. Communicate often, across the right channels for your audience, with relevant content in order to forge strong relationships that resonate.

Clear Communication
The old adage of ‘Keep It Simple’ remains with marketing. Time and time again we see  brands over complicating their marketing messages and ‘jam packing’ their content with too much information. This information overload confuses your audience and dilutes the real message you are trying to convey. Keep your communication clear, concise and relevant to your target audience.

Goal Setting
Whenever you generate a piece of marketing, no matter how small you think it may be, always keep in mind the end goal. Why are you posting that image? What impact do you want it to have? Without this in mind you will simply be churning out content for the sake of it with no real idea of what you are trying to achieve. Is the content educational, informative, product based or promotional? Always know your theme and why you are posting it in the first place.

Be creative with your marketing communication. With marketing, there is a real risk that people emulate other successful brands. Each brand is unique and promotes its own culture. Copying another brand is great for short term success, but without finding your own voice  and displaying your own creativity, you will only alienate your audience and lack authenticity. Dare to be different and get creative to make  your marketing stand out.

Be Personal
Two way relationships are built upon personal interaction, you should allow the real personality of your business shine. If you pretend to be something else you will only attract the wrong kind of customers anyway. Good brands have a personality and interact with different types of ‘personas’. Know who these ‘personas’ are, based on their demographics –  such as their spending habits, location and age and build your interactions with them. With a personable approach to your client base you will always encourage two way communication, which in the long term will allow you to grow, adapt, react and share with a positive outcome.