Making you the host, feel like a guest

The Everyday Agency can provide event management no matter what the size – from intimate parties and events to large scale festivals, conferences and exhibitions. Our team collectively has over 30 years experience in creating events and event management.

Our team and event management skills have enabled us to secure projects in Asia, Europe and Africa. Our diverse team are responsible for the complete end to end process of event management, from concept, to production and build, curation, programming, finance and budgeting, AV, security, marketing, promotion, staffing and sales to ensure your event is a success.

We love event management because we believe bringing people together for events is the single most powerful marketing tool we have to create results for both you and your customers. We believe the physical interaction and brand messaging created at events help to leverage brands further in the most effective way.

Our team of event managers has managed a range of events from festivals, conscious gatherings, retreats, club nights, sports events, dining experiences, pop up events, networking events, music concerts, corporate events, educational events, exhibitions and trade shows.

We also work to create brand partners for your events so you can work with like minded businesses and individuals who help maximise your marketing reach.

Music Events
We have a range of DJs, Artists, Vocalists and Musicians suitable for any budget.

We are able to curate festival content from Music, Speakers, Workshops, Talks, Traders, Virtual Reality and more.


We work with Influencers and Academics, Industry Professionals and Innovators, Universities and Colleges to provide topics and interaction for talks that aim to engage the masses.

We organise and co-ordinate events for corporate bodies and businesses. Whether it’s a conference, industry presentation to a staff event or training allocation we can help.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows
We have worked on some of the UK’s largest Exhibitions including Insomnia, Fashion Week and Good Food Show. Our team know how to make your exhibition a success or provide a memorable experience for your participants.

The Everyday Agency have become ingrained in the current influx of retreat activations. Our team extend to the organisation, sourcing, support, exposure and curation for a number of profile and independent retreats across Ibiza and the UK. We connect everything from chefs to dieticians, conscious healers to yoga instructors, life coaches to alternative therapists.

Sports Events
We have worked on some of the UK’s largest Sporting activities from marathon to triathlon at many iconic arenas including Wembley Stadium and Grand National.

We service everything from boutique bars, restaurants, private parties, VIP events, super yachts to pop up dining experiences across the UK and Ibiza. We can provide staffing, stock, systems and success for all aspects of the industry.