Create A Winning Video Marketing Strategy For Your Brand

Mar 6, 2019

With over 1 billion daily views on Youtube and more than 8 billion on Facebook, video content is proving to be the most engaging type of format. Online video consumption is projected to grow 100% every year. Visual stories are an effective way to connect with the audience and build a deeper relationship between a brand and a consumer. There’s no doubt video content is becoming a key focus for successful brands planning their digital campaigns.


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Learn how to create a winning video marketing strategy for your brand:


Funnel Stage Dilemma

Many businesses utilise video content only to raise awareness about their brand. It’s time to rethink this approach. This engagement winning medium can be used effectively at every stage of the funnel. Whether it’s a short snippet on Facebook, a full-length Youtube video, a product video, a webinar or a video case story, take advantage of all forms and the relevant channels and implement them into your digital strategy.


Engagement Rates

There are many metrics used to measure engagement, but which are more relevant? Monitor closely the play-time to find out how much of your video the audience actually see. Using this measure you can tell two most important things about your viewers: what length of videos should you produce and what resonates with your audience. When analysing the statistics, always think of an impact and the bigger picture.


Video Length

Plan wisely before making a video. Research shows the most popular length of the video content is under 2-minutes. Yet, the most engaging videos last between 5 to 15 minutes. Most importantly, listen to your audience to find out what is right for them, it can be a 30-second video or an hour-long webinar. There is only one way to find out: test it.


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Pick Your Channel(s)

Making a video is one thing, but choosing the right channels to publish brings another challenge. The of the two most important channels are undoubtedly Facebook and Youtube. With hundreds of social platforms, there are many more ways to get your video out there. Think which channels your audience actively use and choose wisely where to post to optimise your results.


Without a doubt, video marketing is evolving at a rapid rate, making it more and more challenging for brands to compete for engagement in this digital world. As a professional marketing agency, we can help you create a winning video strategy, that is relevant for your audience, boost the engagement metrics and help you reach your identified business goals. Email us at and we will arrange a free consultation with one of our experts.