Correigh is a standout UK artist that has continued to make a sizeable name as a vocalist and song writer. Featuring alongside artists including Kevin Saunderson (Inner City), Majora and more. With a distinct sound that transcends the dancefloor she also incorporates a commercial accessibility that has showcased everywhere from Radio 1 to Ibiza.

Stolen EP is a solid 5 track package that takes on a fluent mix of genres. The lead single ‘Stolen’ hails a reference to Goldie’s ‘Inner City Life’ with a touch of ‘Everything But The Girl’ and an early Way out West intonation, classic and great production. As the listing progresses we hear Roska and Jook 10 deliver an impeccable Urban-House Remix, a co-feature from EKT1widely known for his output on Full Cycle (Roni Size’s imprint), then moving to a modern Deep House, cutting edge interpretation with Turrican turning in trademark mix on ‘Stay With Me Till Dawn’ before finishing with a Neo-Pop approach that ensures worldwide radio airplay.

As an exciting artist we see this Correigh and her latest EP continue the fast ascent onto a global stage. We’d love to hear you’re feedback, register an interest on future collaboration and also see continued support on your relevant shows and clubs.