Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) is one of our many passions. The Everyday Agency was first started by providing free marketing advice and services to charities. Our Founder Sunita Dhaliwal wanted to put her marketing and business skills toward a greater good following work for prominent UK charities including Mind and Cancer Research, lending a helping hand and her corporate experience to support their goals.

As a guiding theme, this has never left our agency and is one of our defining 4 pillars to ‘Inspire Change’ and has also led to the formation of Everyday Giving our online magazine, spreading good news! Now we support clients across the world extending from USA, to Ibiza and UK developing their Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies and keeping them on track with sustainable practices.

How can we help?

Corporate Social Responsibility Audit

Before recommending any CSR strategy we first look at what’s happening within your business. We look at how you can become a sustainable brand through our Corporate Social Responsibility Audit. We look at your employees, operations, marketing and products to see how you can make metered improvements within your business to help you build an authentic brand through creating ownership and responsibility of your place in society.

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

We help you refocus your strategy, looking at your internal culture to see what integrates and compliments your business best. We consider your objectives for the long term and map out your ethical, environmental and social ambitions. We make you directly accountable for ensuring your plans stay on track and that you can also deliver what you set out to achieve.

Corporate Social Responsibility Collaboration

We align your company with charities that fit your ethos, creating a collaboration road map selecting the right partners and leaders in this arena! It’s not about talking about what you will do, it’s about ACTION. We create immediate deliverables and target timelines that make the most impact. We work with you to create the correct internal marketing messages to gain a buy in and support from the people within your business to maximise your results.

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