We specialise in Content Marketing this includes creating press, copywriting, infographics, graphic design, marketing collateral, social media content, viral videos, interviews, direct and indirect storyline, visual storyboarding and photography.

Since the launch of social media, Content Marketing has quickly moved to the forefront and helped to change a marketing approach from being sales orientated to relationship building. We are presently in the ‘information revolution’ where people want to research the brands they want to engage with, in their own time and on their own terms. This means your marketing isn’t about predominantly pushing your product and services directly but more about painting your brand and its culture across the appropriate marketing channels to keep a long term presence that gains a repeat customer.

The Everyday Agency has helped hundreds of companies to get their Content Marketing right and our in-house copywriters can help you create pieces for a range of demographics, target audiences and consumer groups. We know that Content Marketing is about both creating and sharing valuable content, purposely made with a specific audience in mind. Content Marketing is a great tool because it helps to introduce a client or prospect into a sale which can be advantageous for small businesses who do not have the luxury of large budgets.

The Everyday Agency puts together customised content marketing strategies that help to create different types of content for multiple purposes. Each piece of content has an objective and an end goal in mind with a very specific target audience. We also monitor and analyse the reactions to these content pieces via social media and link tracking following response rates to see how effective the product, process and information is. It is essential to monitor how your content is performing so that you can improve your results and create better, more relevant content moving forward.

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