A powerful track can be heard and spotted at 40 paces and instantly transfers into an effective anthem that reverberates throughout all the key DJ sets across the world. The latest signing to the iconic Dopewax Records in New York City comes in the perfect package of deep, punctuated beats and crowned with a memorable vocal hook you know will be repeated by anyone that experiences the song this summer regardless of location. Thankfully for us, the team behind the track are well positioned in the USA, UK and Ibiza so we’re fully assured the track will reach the perfect platform to breed a chart topping success.

The artists behind the enviable tune Come Back Baby have both been active for many years and this is the penultimate culmination of their experience and production to date. Enter 2018 and a brand new collaboration between Dante Payne and Rubedo Walker who have been curating their sound under many guises finally step forward. A chance introduction to Matt Mckillop who has serviced the industry as an artist (one half of Deep City Soul), label owner, A&R for the likes of Further Recordings (previously Fabric), club owner, promoter, magazine editor (currently Electric Mode) and marketing expert for The Everyday Agency, delivered Come Back Baby into the right hands.

As a head buyer for a major international chain (in the millennium) Matt was immediately able to spot the talent on offer from the pairing of Rubedo Walker and Dante Payne, fast signing their body of work and representing the guys for their international exposure which will surely follow once this monumental track hits the global airwaves.

Summer hails a welcome change to the musical landscape as we transfer into the most impacting season for clubland and the tracks that continue to dominate dance floors and the chart for the rest of the year. As we all know, Kenny Dope is one of the world’s most prominent DJs, prolific producers and taste makers of the highest order earning a long list of accolades as one half of the influential Masters At Work. The four time Grammy nominated musical genius has been entertaining and astounding the house fraternity for decades and it goes without saying he knows all the correct elements to deliver a sure-fire hit, as proven countless times over.

Once Come Back Baby landed in his hot hands it was without pause Kenny reached out to sign the track and offer his own unique remix to the package. This assurance alone should proceed listening to one of the hottest tracks we’ve heard in years and as you’ll find it emanates an energy that is sure to fire up clubs and systems all year long.

Dante Payne & Rubedo Walker – Come Back Baby (Dopewax Records)

  1. Original Mix
  2. Problem Remix
  3. Kenny Dope Remix
  4. Deep City Soul Remix

Dopewax Presale Here: https://www.traxsource.com/title/999257/come-back-baby


Quality house is back, firmly leading the forefront of the club scene. This package incorporates the perfect mix of motivation, musicality, all poised with a modern twist. The sound of Dante Payne and Rubedo Walker ‘Come Back Baby’ as we see it, is ready to distribute another defining moment in the colourful history of dance music. Expect to hear this tune in delivered by the hands of all the right players and key influencers well in advance of it’s very long lifespan ahead. Press play and we challenge you not to dance!