Turning the Invisible into Visible

At The Everyday Agency we love to create marketing campaigns and managing them from start to finish. Our creative team is passionate about creating campaigns that have lasting impact and help businesses to reach their target audiences in an engaging way.

Our campaigns are fully integrated across the marketing mix, so you can access existing clients and new clients at various touch points relevant to them.

Our Integrated Campaigns cover:
PR and Media – Placement of key messages across press, magazines, blogs and newspapers.
Social Media – Sharing content related to your campaign across relevant major social media platforms.
Content Marketing – Content generation to support the campaign including graphic design, stickers, posters, leaflets, social media, white papers, e-books and more.
Event Marketing – Placement of key events and supporting events that help to promote your campaign messaging.
Experiential Marketing – Thinking outside the box to create experiences with potential customers providing memorable and long lasting, high impact participation.
Branding – Using your brand effectively to convey your key messages.
Google Adwords – Supporting your campaign with calculated advertising on Google
Direct Marketing – Reaching out to existing and new clients with campaigns through email shots or mailers.

All Everyday Agency campaign management follows a synchronised feedback system, we record, analyse and measure the complete marketing effectiveness by monitoring the number of sales, marketing reach, engagements, shares, likes, follows, placements and return on investment for every aspect of the campaign.