Compelling storytelling for ambitious brands

Your brand is your introduction to the world. Your brand encompasses your company values,  it is the backbone and strategy behind why your business exists and why it is doing what it is doing. Your marketing is what helps convey that message and provides the tactical elements that will help you succeed in both exposure and engagement. We have helped a number of businesses both in Ibiza, the UK, Australia and Asia to establish their brands in the right way.

A companies branding is the single most important thing that will define it, it will be the reason why customers become loyal advocates. Branding doesn’t just effect your customers but it also helps to create the internal culture within your business and therefore impacts the experience customers have with your staff.

The Everyday Agency believes asking the right questions makes your brands stronger – so before any branding exercise we ask WHY? Why do you or your business exist?

We then package this to inform how your brand thinks, feels, looks, talks and acts across all marketing touch points so that your target audience enjoys ‘experiencing’ your brand.

One common misconception is that a Companies create their brand. It’s actually the consumer that decides what your brand is and what it means to them. We try to match this as much as possible with the following branding process:

Brand Audit
We consult on every aspect of a brands visual and verbal language across a number of platforms. We focus on creating emotional connections and bonds between your brand and consumers. Our Brand Audit will provide a review of where you are and what your customers think of your brand right now.

Our strategy starts by looking at why you are even running as a business and drills down to the very essence of your business. Knowing your business is our number 1 strategy, this understanding allows you to know where you want to be and provide you a clear plan on what you need to do in order to get there.

Our creative process spans the whole mix and includes; brand creation, brand strategy, brand identity, design, brand naming, re-branding, digital, tone of voice, persona mapping and so on. We take care of every part of the process and bring you along for the creative journey towards unlocking your brands potential.

The final piece for any branding exercise is developing a strong communication plan for your new branding that welcomes your staff and customers to your new brand. We work with you to develop this and implement this in the most effective way.