Get your brand noticed

Aug 2, 2017

In an ever increasing busy and futile marketing arena, you need to do all you can to get noticed. We will be running a series of articles on what you need to consider to get your brand noticed. Part one looks at raising your profile and differentiation.

Don’t be scared to raise your profile

Many businesses are still frugal when it comes to their marketing spend.  Your brand is an investment, something that other than your company culture is unique to you. You need to get noticed, create opportunities to make a sale and  raise your profile.

The first aspect of your brand that potential customers come in to contact with is often your visual identity. This could be your logo, your website, a business card or a brochure; the things people can see. For this reason make sure your visual identity is distinctive and memorable. You may have to take a risk here and really push the boat out to get a brand that gets noticed.

Whether your company is in its infancy or has been established for many years you need to ask yourself:  Do you have all the elements of your visual identity in place? Are they an accurate reflection of who your business is? If the answer to either question is anything other than ‘yes’, you should think about making some changes.

Stand out from your competitors

As the market becomes busier, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. If raising your profile is step one, then making sure you differentiating yourself is step two. Once you’ve caught someone’s attention, you need to convert the opportunity you have created into a sale.

Too many businesses try to take the easy route by making their differentiation their price. The truth is customers will pay more, but the bottom line has to be that it’s worth it. To do that you need to make sure that what you have to offer new customers is more attractive than your competitors and is of better quality.

How you communicate your offering is really important. Instead of just differentiating yourself by listing the products and services and benefits, you need to dig deeper. How will it benefit your customers, will it save them £X over the year, giving them more money to spend on the things they enjoy. Make your benefits emotive, tap into your target audience and really understand what they want. It’s easy to list the products or services you offer. The clever and more effective thing to do, is to explain the benefits.

We have always found doing pen portraits of your customers; giving them a name, a location a hobby and a life persona really helps to understand how you will communicate with them.

Stay tuned for more next week where we cover off getting your brand ready for growth and change.

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