A Guide To The New Facebook Tool Creator Studio

Dec 11, 2018

Facebook is regularly rolling out new features to improve the platform’s functionality. With the growth of business pages, they have now launched Creator Studio to help manage all the accounts in one place. Read our guide to learn how to navigate in the new tool.

Create, Manage, Monetise and Measure

New tool makes it easy to manage multiple pages, allowing to create, schedule and analyse content. The new feature is focused on the video, offering the sound collection to replace audio in the clips. Facebook has been muting the videos to protect music copyrights and has now seemed to find a solution for the users. The tool also lets admins monetise content by inserting and managing adverts in company’s videos that are published on the platform.

creator studio insights

Creator Studio Insights

Creator Studio seems to be an update most of the page managers have been looking for making it easy to understand the audience and drive engagement on the popular platform. We recommend you test the new feature yourself and see if it’s useful for your work.

How to access it

Log into your Facebook Page, go to “Publishing Tools” and under “Tools” select “Creator Studio”.

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