7 ways to improve engagement on Instagram

Mar 5, 2021

Having lots of followers on social media means nothing if they aren’t interacting with your account. Lacking in likes, comments on posts of stories? It might be time to change up your strategy. 

Instagram is still one of the most important platforms for strengthening your brands community and following. The algorithm (yes we mentioned the A bomb) is always changing, and unfortunately we are not privy to those adjustments. However, we know that using the app fully and engaging with your audience is key. We’ve got seven proven ways to help boost your engagement on Instagram below: 

Engage on stories
Got a spare 10 minutes whilst you’re on Netflix? Scroll through stories and engage with your community, show your support. This will help to engage the audience you already have part of your community 

Create two way dialogue on stories
Build your relationships through stories – use polls, questions, quizzes. Make your stories interactive and interesting for your followers.

Ask questions
When posting, remember to ask questions. If someone replies to a comment, ask them more about what they thought. Keep that communication going.

Find the right hashtags
Hashtags are really important for helping you real, new audiences. Use your analytics to see how well you ranked in hashtags. Also use third party tools to track the hashtags you used and how well you ranked on them.

Show your face
Get behind the camera, take photos or videos and be seen. People love to see the people behind the brand so do not be afraid to step into the limelight.

Engage with your audience
Spend some time everyday engaging with your audience by liking and commenting on their posts as well as liking their video content. Find ways to strike up conversation.

Partner Posts
Reach out to people within your industry to see if they would be interested in sharing a previous post. Posts that work well are non-promotional, but instead educate, entertain or inform their client base.

Need more ideas to boost your engagement?
Struggling to get the results you want? Reach out and speak to the TEA Team to help you to develop a social media strategy that works.