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Electronic Music from Iran fills European Dance Floors

Electronic Dance Music despite being very much in its infancy is steeped in a rich culture. It often represents a melting pot of creative expression woven by artists that are influenced by their own countries and cultures. Iran is one such territory that is currently considered a hotspot that is recognised by industry figureheads. Emerging talent and a steady stream of iconic club tracks are noticeably thriving in a country which has been heavily restricted for so long.

There have been a handful of prominent DJs who have left their homes in Iran (in particular Tehran) to focus on the musical stage offered in the European scene which includes Dubfire, Darius Syrossian, Ardalan and Nima Gorji. All moving further away from their homes where typically dance music struggles to deeply root in the local culture. Few stay amidst their home country such as Sote, Habischman, Of the Moon and DJ Ferry where they continue to forge music in the global scene whilst remaining surrounded by the culture and influence of Iran.

It’s a profound accomplishment for new artists of any background to break through, let alone to stand out above the masses of talent we have on offer in the modern electronic scene. So we see it as a sizable achievement for a run of producers and DJ’s from the Middle East to firmly impact both the underground and over-ground charts. Iran, like many other cultures is presently shaping the sound of house music for the better.

Cloaked in history, buoyant in art and relating to challenges born from suppression these artists translate a certain energy into their music, tempering winning templates with their productions and earnestly winning a global following on the way. Coupled with an unwavering dedication and discipline, which is ingrained from an early age, could in turn be seen to provide a regimented role in supplying floorless arrangements and mix-downs as close to perfection you’ll find. This for us generates a formula that balances between clubs to festivals and also translates to radio plays, we suggest you start digging and looking deeper into the elements behind your favourite tracks.

Take a look at tracks that fill our dance floors from Iranian talent :

Behrouz – Endless Night

Behrouz often delivers unique blends of western and eastern electronic beats and his ‘Endless Night’ is no different. Infusing an uplifting energy with catchy synths and melodies, perfect for a sunset groove, featuring at Guy Gerber’s Rumours at Destino Ibiza.

Minologue – Jamaica (Dubfire Dreadmill Remix)

Submerged in tribal beats and sounds of nature, when this track starts you’re in for a musical journey. Random elements drop throughout the track, creating further depth and mystery as the trip seduces you into many layers of euphoria, spellbound by the rolling drums and drops.

Habischman – Closure

Closure’s catchy beats have you hooked from the offset. The inviting vocals grabs you just before the breakdown which raptures into playful synths and melodies. Released on Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound this year with support from La Fleur, Dennis Ferrer and Pete Tong its set to continue in anthemic status.

Kamran Sadeghi & Julia Gavor –

Disappear’s gentle groove and vocal submerges you into a state of trance. Released on Cocoon’s ‘Dots and Pearls’ Compilation. A perfect warm up track which you will be hearing throughout the days of many festival and events for many years to come!


Deep Dish feat Everything But The Girl – The Future Of The Future

Top Iranian DJ’s don’t come any closer to the very best than the iconic Deep Dish. ‘The Future of The Future’ is an uplifting classic that with every play embodies a perfect sunrise, heavily features across the infamous Space Ibiza, Croatia’s Garden Festival and Pacha’s Funky Room.

Nima Gorji – Look Back

As soon as this track starts the very first beat  lets you you know that Nima is about to deliver. Released on Get Physical’s Ibiza 2017, its a fitting name for a track which gives you layers of sounds and vocals keeping you dancing, perfect house vibes for a memorable night.

Sote – Hardcore sounds of tehran

Now if you want to hear some of Gnarliest techno around you need to listen to Sote. The type of Techno you need a ‘safe word’ for – industrial, intimidating and unforgiving. Listen to any one of his tracks and be transported to the underworld of Techno. This one is no different with the Hardcore Sounds of Tehran, leaving you with images of opening scene from Blade!

Ardalan – mary jane girls – all night long

Get ready for some serious disco break as Ardalan takes on the classic ‘All Night Long’ reworked like a squirrel on speed and encrusted with a solid catchy beat, you can imagine the sun on your face surrounded by smiles during Pride Weekenders across Europe.

Darius Syrossian, Nyra – Skybar

Skybar is a main room anthem with catchy keys that hook from the beginning. A well executed cross over track that switches between main room and deep dirty basements. A definitive feature for the garden at DC10 with the crowd going crazy.

Pleasurekraft – Bellatrix

A musical journey with production prowess which translates perfectly to the dancefloor. Pleasurekraft show once again why they are a hot act on anyone’s list!