5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Sep 13, 2018

Annually global marketeers and companies scramble to make sure they are ahead of the forthcoming trends that are set to impact their own relative industries. As we have all learnt, historically the curve can can rise fast, and by engaging at the right time you can make a marked difference that will easily translate into sales, awareness, followers and brand advocates for life by profiling on these platforms ahead of the masses.

Preview our forecasts and position yourself now:


Chatbot technology, based on the Artificial Intelligence, uses an instant messaging format to chat with the customers or site visitors in real-time. They can answer questions and provide information about your products or services, as well as retain the information. Some customers prefer this form of interaction within the customer service as the bots are responsive and give accurate information. Uber has already implemented chatbots technology in their service, which allow their customers to order a cab though Facebook Messenger and clearly shows this format becoming a valid business tool.


Over the past few years, personalisation has become a growing trend. It is definitely the end of the “one-size-fits-all” era in marketing. As customers are expecting a unique and customised experience with brands, the necessity to transform your business approach is necessary. With the immediate availability of customer behaviour data, such as purchase history and links tracking, businesses can personalise their messages and optimise on marketing spend. Customised content heavily helps boost your customer engagement. A study by Marketo shows that customised triggered e-mails, based on behavioural patterns are performing up to three times better that their regular mailshots.

Visual Search

Visual Search is a new type of a virtual search engine, where you can upload an image to conduct your search and receive a mix of image-based results. This technology is expected to take our user experience to a entirely new level. Pinterest has invested $150 million+ into a new project, solely focused on visual search capacities. Their new visual tool allows users to run a search based on photo’s. The list of results include links to online shops, where you can find a suggested product, similar items and also Pinboards related to the original search. Pinterest is not the only one with the a visual search engine, Google and Microsoft are also developing similar technologies.

Voice Search

Voice Search is another exciting trend within technology that is firmly set to transform the future. It is already predicted to represent the majority of total searches before 2020. The increase of voice search ability proves companies need to rethink their marketing strategies and incorporate this within their next wave of interaction. Voice-based queries play an important role in providing relevant information with audio. Digital assistants like Alexa make the process of voice searching even easier and with Artificial Intelligence getting smarter, the number of mistakes reduce also. Many major businesses have already implemented voice search into their marketing remit. A prime example is Domino’s Pizza, where they allow their customers to place an order using an Alexa assistant directly. If this is a forward thinking already tool championed by the global food conglomerates, expect it to transfer prominently into retail and other industries requiring prompt, specific information as part of their standard sales process.

Influencer Marketing

Using influencers as an effective marketing tool to attract customers and drive loyalty is becoming a mainstay of modern promotional practices. Influencers are usually prominent social figures, including bloggers, Instagram users, journalists and YouTubers with hundreds of thousands unique followers. They can ignite their legions of fans with bespoke campaigns and can easily spread the word about brands and their products to a wider international audience. Influencers are able to build up trust and contribute to a brand’s positive image by helping to attract more customers interested in a lifestyle approach in preference to a sales led strategy. Because their content is dissimilar to regular ads, influencer marketing can deliver up to 11 times better Return On Investment (ROI) compared to other forms of digital media.

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