4 Tools To Create Engaging Graphics For Social Media

Feb 8, 2019

In today’s world of mass marketing and overzealous promotion, brands actively compete for customer attention across every platform, social media is often the first line in their public-facing approach. With 684,478 pieces of content shared every single minute on Facebook alone, it proves challenging to get your brand noticed above others in an online world. Statistics clearly shows visual content performs on average 68% better than other types, which makes this a key focus of digital strategies for brands. However, not everyone managing social media has a graphic design eye or skill set. Having this in mind, we’ve picked 4 Tools To Help You Create Engaging Graphics to resonate with your audience.


1. Canva

With more than 10 million registered users, Canva proves to be the first-choice tool for beginner or domestic designers. It has thousands of templates to use for various social applications, which allows you to customise your visual content fluidly, with instant effects at your fingertips. It’s a simplified drag-and-drop interface, which means the tool is suitable for beginners yet it helps to create quality designs with very little effort or know how. You can take advantage of the preset sizes to fit Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest platforms as well as choose to work with custom dimensions for websites or blogs. Canva’s entry-level version is free to use, while subscription costs $9.95 per month per user.




Graphic Design Tool Canva

Canva is one of the most popular tools used to create social graphics


2. Piktochart


Piktochart is a great tool to help you create instant infographics for all digital platforms. It has more than 600 professionally designed templates to help you tell your brand stories, delivering your desired visual impact with ease. Once you pick your initial layout, you can also add interactive charts, animated icons, videos and images as well as edits for font and colour choices to personalise each graphic. You can connect your team within the platform to share your visual work and review the content before exporting. The basic version is free, with plans starting from as low as $15 per month.




Graphic Design Tools Piktochart

Piktochart is great for creating visually strong infographics


3. Snappa


Snappa is one of the most popular tools for creating simple yet powerful visual content. The most popular type of the customisable design it features is a branded background image that can be overlaid with text. This easy-to-use app lets you design shareable images with minimal effort. It comes with a sizeable library of templates and pre-set sizes for differing purposes. You can get instantly creative using varying font, sizes options, opacity, drop shadows and other standard effects. The free version allows you to create 5 graphics per month, with the plan starting from $10 monthly.




Graphic Design Tools Snappa

Snappa offers hundreds of customizable templates for social platforms


4. Over


Over is a simple application that’s designed to create social media graphics on your phone. This intuitive tool lets you customise your designs within a few simple steps or ‘taps’. You can select hundreds of royalty-free photos, graphics overlays, font selections, immersive tools and filters and edit like a pro. Over is perfect for making eye-popping branded Instagram content and stories on the spot. It’s also great for creating flyers, invitations or wallpapers with professional design layouts. You can actively schedule your posts within the app which is a unique and useful resource. The free basic version is the perfect introduction and the Pro Plan starts from $9.99 per month.


Over is available to purchase in the App Store and Google Play


Graphic Design Tool Over

Over is an intuitive tool to create designs using a smartphone


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