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The Everyday Agency is an Award Winning Marketing Agency. We provide creative ideas for ambitious brands that deliver commercially and ethically. We tell compelling brand stories that forge strong relationships with your customers. Our full service, creative marketing agency has clients spanning the globe, from London, Melbourne and New York.

Our services include Marketing Strategy, Branding, Social Media Management, PR, Web and Graphic Design.

We are here to be inspired by the brands we work with. We strive to only work with brands with purpose, aiming to challenge the world, by doing things differently. We are passionate about ‘feel good brands’ and those celebrating creative expression, and seeing them succeed. For us, we are not in it to simply build brands, we are here to create and shift culture.

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Marketing Strategy

Making even the most pie in the sky ideas a reality

Graphic Design

Creativity is a wild mind & a disciplined eye

Web Design

Flawless user experiences by design


Compelling storytelling for ambitious brands

Social Media

For Businesses that think like David, not Goliath

PR & Media

Amplifying your brand and making it heard

People & purpose first

We put people first. Whether it’s staff, clients, their customers, or our community. This means investing in their goals, needs, or desires in order to achieve sustainable business growth. 

Why? We believe that having purpose creates a unified tribe working towards the same exciting goals. Going above and beyond because they are inspired to do so. Resulting in clients who are engaged in our projects and a community who aren’t afraid to comment, like and share. We have a company culture that we can all whole heartedly support, which positively impacts the bottom line. 

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